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Just a little bit about me and why I started this blog. I’m a middle-class, middle-aged (ok-maybe Late-aged!), mid-western retiree, and I can tell you why I’m doing this in just 2 words. Bucket List. Yep. I always wanted to learn to make exquisite little desserts to WOW my friends and family….so I better get at it before it’s too late !

I picked the recipe book “Modern French Pastry” by Cheryl Wakerhauser for 2 reasons. One, it’s only 41 recipes. Do-able (I hope). And Two, each recipe is rated by difficulty. Although the book is laid out by category chapters, such as Cakes, Tarts, etc…… I intend to do them in order of difficulty, starting from least difficult to most.

Each week I will try to recreate these recipes, starting with the picture from the book, of how it SHOULD look, following by one of how it turned out, along with comments from my tasters, any problems,and tips! Let’s start this journey !


In honor of this weeks’ Food Network show ….”America’s Best Baker”….I decided ( In spite of the heat!) to bake the same dessert the contestants had to make for the finale. A Basque cake. For those of you that saw the episode…you will remember that this is a filled cake(?) with trademark decorative scoring onContinue reading “GATEAU BASQUE”


Flan Patissier is also called Parisian Flan. If any of you have ever spent any time in Mexico… you have probably had Flan. It’s a custard with a caramel sauce-type glaze. This is NOT that. This is more like a custard pie. This is what it should look like…… Almost looks like a cheesecake. TheContinue reading “FLAN PATISSIER”