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Just a little bit about me and why I started this blog. I’m a middle-class, middle-aged (ok-maybe Late-aged!), mid-western retiree, and I can tell you why I’m doing this in just 2 words. Bucket List. Yep. I always wanted to learn to make exquisite little desserts to WOW my friends and family….so I better get at it before it’s too late !

I picked the recipe book “Modern French Pastry” by Cheryl Wakerhauser for 2 reasons. One, it’s only 41 recipes. Do-able (I hope). And Two, each recipe is rated by difficulty. Although the book is laid out by category chapters, such as Cakes, Tarts, etc…… I intend to do them in order of difficulty, starting from least difficult to most.

Each week I will try to recreate these recipes, starting with the picture from the book, of how it SHOULD look, following by one of how it turned out, along with comments from my tasters, any problems,and tips! Let’s start this journey !

24th Recipe: Concerto

For coffee lovers everywhere! Almost like a coffee candy bar. Salty and sweet, It has everything. Caramel, coffee mousse, chocolate, and peanuts. Here’s the picture…. The crust is an almond/chocolate dough, and OF COURSE there was another mold to buy. By the time I finish this book, I will have a store’s worth of slightlyContinue reading “24th Recipe: Concerto”

23rd Recipe: Cancale

Layers of fun! I think this recipe really tests plating techniques more than it does baking abilities. Here it is…. The layers consist of Joconde Biscuit (almond cake), blueberry coulis, and cheesecake mousse, with a white chocolate glaze. The whole trick to the recipe is to get the layers VERY thin, and as uniform asContinue reading “23rd Recipe: Cancale”