1st recipe: “get the door. Pedro’s here.”

This recipe is named after “Pedro Ximenez” sherry poured over a blue cheese and dark choclate ice cream. This is the picture from the book:

Well, Pedro couldn’t make it. My first problem was finding the sherry. So I subbed a good sweet sherry.The blue cheese type was not specified, so I left that up to my husband, since I dislike blue cheese. Turns out, rich, custardy, egg centric, ice creams like this one are not so easy to make. 1 or 2 degrees can turn your beautiful, creamy mixture into scrambled eggs. So…after a trip to the store for a better thermometer, lots of tears, and a real drop in confidence, (after all, this was supposed to be the easiest recipe in the book !) I finally managed to produce this.

My tasters were my wonderful husband and my lovely sister, again…who like blue cheese. The general consensus was that this is a “sophisticated” dessert. The sherry was just alright though, with the agreement that perhaps I should have looked harder for the correct sherry.

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