4th Recipe: Earl Grey Napoleons

First off, I apologize for the delay! No-it wasn’t the difficulty of the Napoleons. Just the difficulty of writing about pastries when you have the flu! But bear with me, and I’m sure my zest will return! Here is the picture in the book……

These Napoleons consist of an almond/chocolate pastry crust paired with an earl grey tea infused chocolate ganache, with a layer of candied orange peel tucked just under the top cookie. Here is how mine turned out…….

This recipe was particularly challenging for me. My hands are not what they used to be; so instead of the 3/4″ x 2″ size, I opted to make them slightly larger. 1″ x 2 1/2″. This made for easier handling, but harder eating. (Picture crispy wafers with a soft mousse-like cream. Squish!) There was no recipe included for the candied orange peel, so I used my mother’s. And my first attempt at the ganache turned into chocolate butter. Not surprising, since the ganache is just chocolate whipped cream, and reacts to overbeating the same as whipped cream. The flavor of the tea was present, but not overbearing. I must admit that none of these recipes are overly sweet, which to me is a desirable trait.

In the beginning, I explained that these recipes were rated in the book by difficulty. Actually, a system of Macarons , 1/2 macaron being the very easiest, all the way up to 3 Macarons being the most difficult. Well, this recipe represented the last of the 1/2 Macarons. So now we up the ante and move into the 1 Macaron category!

2 thoughts on “4th Recipe: Earl Grey Napoleons

  1. They look yummy!!! My mouth is watering!!!!! Yours look so much better then theirs too !!!! You are Awesome !!!!!!!!!

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