8th Recipe: Blue Cheese Truffles

Again…I am not a fan of Blue cheese. That being said, other non-fans who tried these; enjoyed them. The taste was mild. Reminiscence of cream cheese. Although people enjoyed these, and they were not terribly hard to make….I would NOT make this recipe again. I would make Blue cheese truffles-just not this recipe. I have been making truffles for years. They are easy and soooo good. They basically take just 2 ingredients-A good chocolate and heavy cream. you can flavor them with almost anything you can think of. This recipe for another step: making a caramel sauce. I found it really didn’t add anything to the truffles taste-wise, and just made them sticky and hard to work with. Here’s a pic from the book…..

The chef wanted you to roll them around till they looked all gnarly like a real truffle (the mushroom kind). I did some like that, but I preferred a smoother, prettier finish. Here’s how mine turned out…..

A little blue luster-dust finished them! See you next time.

One thought on “8th Recipe: Blue Cheese Truffles

  1. And again…. You knocked it out of the park!!! Loved your pics better!!!! My mouth is watering….

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