9th Recipe: “I pity the fool….”

They have such creative names for the recipes in this book! I’m assuming the rest of that line would be ..” who never tasted homemade Nutella.” This is how it looks in the book….

The bottom layer is a homemade chocolate-hazelnut ganache. This time the caramel syrup did add something to the recipe.(referring to the last recipe). On top is (of course) a crème legere. The recipe calls for you to make them in individual jars. I did, but don’t they look pretty in a glass ?

I also added a hazelnut on top. This recipe kind of frustrated me, because I’ve been struggling almost every week with this damn crème legere (it’s in so many of the recipes!) and all of a sudden , in this recipe, she has you make it in the microwave. No watching, straining, constant stirring. Just 5 minutes and blend. Easy-Peasy. So why have I been fighting with this? Remember the Pistachio Picnic Cake disaster? I will ALWAYS make it this way now.

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