12th Recipe: Baker’s Dozen

Whew! What a lot of work these were for very little taste! Here’s the pic of them….

Cute, huh? The first thing you’ll notice are the egg shells they are served in. That means buying an egg decapitator. Honestly…who has one of these??? This is what it looks like—

Then you need to practice. ALOT. Once you get 12 fairly good shells, you wash and dry them, and fill them with coconut crème legere (of course), that’s meant to resemble the egg whites. The coconut cream is made with kaffir lime leaves, (try finding those!) The “yolks” are made of a mango gelatin mixture. Here’s a pic of how mine turned out…..

In spite of the fact that I love Mango, and did think they were cute, they just seemed like a fancy pudding that lacked any texture, and might be better served as a tart in a crust of some sort.

2 thoughts on “12th Recipe: Baker’s Dozen

  1. You sure do have patience!!!! Nope not for me… even with being socially distanced I don’t have the patience to do this!!!!! Kudos to you Dear Friend!!!

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