13th Recipe: Spanish Coffee

Well, lucky #13. A lot of components (a trend, I fear) to this recipe also. You have a disk of heavily spiced cake at the bottom, a dark spiced rum sauce over that, with a main body of coffee cream (yum) , then a layer of a cookie-like streusel, topped off with an orange whipped cream made with Grand Marnier. Looks like this….

Usually, when components are flavored with booze, it’s just enough to make their presence known. Not so in this case! The spiced rum at the bottom amounted to a little over a shot…top it off with lots of orange liquor in the whipped cream, and you have quite a boozy dessert ! here’s mine…

As you can see, I used chocolate curls instead of cocoa powder. Oh …and it called for candied orange rind on top. Definitely going to get you going! My favorite part though, (and my husbands) was the cookie bits they called streusel. It was made with almond meal, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Like tiny little cinnamon cookies. All in all…successful.

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