14th Recipe: Chai

This time I’m going to show you the picture first. It will be easier to explain.

What you see here, (or don’t see) is a stack of “Genoise” cake supporting the spiced cookies,with chai cream poured around the cake, and an orange Chantilly cream on top. Genoise cake is a cake made with no leavening added for the rise…just lots of air whipped into the batter. It is light, fluffy, and (I think) dry. Perhaps that’s why they surround it with chai cream. The spiced cookie contains “paillete feuilletine”, which is impossible to find around here. Rather than delay by sending for them…and spending a lot for yet another ingredient that I will never use again, I got on the internet and found a recipe. They are very thin crepes which are dried and flaked to produce a delicate crunch in pastries. I recommend sending for them. The orange cream Chantilly is a whipped cream that has a gelatin base for stability. That cream, is applied decoratively to the cookie like frosting, before assembly. Mine looks like this….

The author suggests using a record turntable to spin the cookie while you pipe. Sure. As you can see, I went in an alternative direction. With “social distancing” going on, I do not have the taste testers I normally do, so it’s up to my immediate family. So it’s 50/50 on this one, guys. Some liked it …Some not.

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