15th Recipe: Soliel

First off, I need to thank all of my readers. This blog has become my lifeline, helping to keep me strong throughout this pandemic. The baking and subsequent writing have filled my days, and given me a drive and purpose. So Thanks Guys !!!! Now, on to the recipe. This recipe can’t help but make you smile. As you can see…it’s a great big sun !

I love mango, so this was right up my alley. Especially since I couldn’t find the star anise anywhere in my vicinity, and rather then wait for it to arrive after sending for it, I substituted more vanilla bean in the pastry cream layer. I must admit I am not a big fan of anise anyway, so personally, it was more appealing to me. The layers were…a tart crust, then the “vanilla bean” pastry crust, then a layer of pineapple filling, then the mango slices surrounding it, topped with the gelatinized mango cream layer. Here’s how mine looked…

Yum. Refreshing , and it let me feel like Spring was eminent.

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