19th Recipe: Chocolate Nougatine

This recipe deserves the picture first….

Right? So easy looking, so tasty looking! And here’s the kicker….they ARE !! I’m not quite sure why they were ranked so high in difficulty, but I was grateful for something that took so little time and was so good. Literally 4 ingredients. The brittle, which is made up of sugar and almonds….just heat the sugar till it caramelizes, then add the almonds. And then the decoration…which is dipping them in dark chocolate and sprinkling on a few cocoa nibs. If there is a hard part, I would say it was in getting them cut before they harden; but as the chef points out, breaking them into shards certainly works as well. These are mine…

Every scrap can be used in these. Even the very small pieces can go on ice cream…..

Just like candy ! I will definitely make these in the future.

One thought on “19th Recipe: Chocolate Nougatine

  1. Yummmmm… glad they were easier for you! You are Amazing!!!! Yours always looks better to me!!!

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