21st Recipe: Cherry Bomb

I was so excited to make this recipe…I had always wanted to do a “mirror glaze”, and this made this cake visually stunning.

The balls are chocolate covered with edible gold leaf. The author suggests floating the gold leaf on water, then plunging the chocolate ball into it and underwater. Easier said than done. Just sayin’. The other bits you see sprinkled on top and around the sides, are cinnamon streusel bits.(remember recipe 13..Spanish Coffee?) Those same little cookie-like gems are also covered in chocolate and layered into the cake along with chocolate cream, cherries, almonds, and chocolate almond cake. Yum. Here’s mine…

The chocolate mirror glaze was fun, and even though my gold leaf did not seem to want to stick, I’d still rank this one as a success. But 9 eggs. I don’t want to sound like I’m harping about this all the time, but I just can’t seem to get past the amount of eggs all these French recipes use! On the upside…none of these cakes take any leavening. There’s not baking powder or baking soda used. Usually just whipped egg whites. This gives the cakes a delicate sponginess. This chocolate almond cake was no exception. The chocolate cream had the texture of a ganache or a very soft fudge, with the cherries sunk into it. Very rich.

One thought on “21st Recipe: Cherry Bomb

  1. OMG!!!!! This is Beautiful!!! I bet it was scrumptious too!!!! I can see that you love doing these creative recipes because you are so creative at everything!! You are Awesome!!!!! You could really put all these in a book!!!

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