22nd Recipe: Oregon Get Down

Well nothing got down here but ME. Ever have one of those days? Especially baking or cooking. You know. You get distracted and your dinner burns or you forget to add the sugar in a pie(my mother did that once!) or you slave for hours on your favorite dish (that you probably need to take somewhere) and it tastes like….well, let’s just say BAD. Here’s the picture (and of course, the goal)……

Let me just explain what you’re looking at. It’s an almond tart crust, with a layer of caramelized and brandied pears, covered with hazelnut cream, and a final layer of Rosemary ganache. Floating on top, is a disc made of almond Nougatine (remember recipe 19? ), and of course a sprig of rosemary. This is how mine turned out…..

My day began with the crust. Not my best work as you can see. After making the 1st one(yes there was more), I put it in the oven only to have the sides melt down, despite the pie weights I used. Back to scratch. The second attempt was much better. This one baked and cooled. Then I moved it. It slipped off the sheet pan, hit the floor, and that’s all she wrote. Back to the drawing board. So by the time number 3 was finished, I didn’t much care whether it was perfect or not. I hate to admit that, but it’s true. The disc on top was interesting. Remember how I said I would make the nougatine again? Well I got my chance. I’ll refresh your memory….

Well this time, you make the nougatine and then you run it through the food processor. This turns it to a fine sand, which you sift over a ring mold and bake to melt it back to a solid state. Like a candy crust. All in all, a lot of work for a so-so dessert.

One thought on “22nd Recipe: Oregon Get Down

  1. It looks & sounds scrumptious! I would’ve given up before I started!!! You’re a trooper… & most of us wouldn’t have been able to do it at all!

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