23rd Recipe: Cancale

Layers of fun! I think this recipe really tests plating techniques more than it does baking abilities. Here it is….

The layers consist of Joconde Biscuit (almond cake), blueberry coulis, and cheesecake mousse, with a white chocolate glaze. The whole trick to the recipe is to get the layers VERY thin, and as uniform as you can. I only did so-so. What do you think ?

The coulis in my case tipped slightly in the freezer, resulting in uneven layers. The cheesecake mousse was spread between all the layers to hold it all together. So although I understood needing more of it; I was shocked at how much it made! I had enough leftover that I filled a graham cracker crust (can’t escape the everyday cook !), and made a whole cheesecake. The trick also came in cutting these without squishing or marring them. Although this recipe very much tasted similar to blueberry cheesecake, it certainly looks different ! Of course…that IS the point.

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