24th Recipe: Concerto

For coffee lovers everywhere! Almost like a coffee candy bar. Salty and sweet, It has everything. Caramel, coffee mousse, chocolate, and peanuts. Here’s the picture….

The crust is an almond/chocolate dough, and OF COURSE there was another mold to buy. By the time I finish this book, I will have a store’s worth of slightly used equipment, between the Ice cream makers, various silicone molds, and special pans. But these little beauties are about 3 inches in diameter, and I think they could come in handy. Once you have the crust baked , you need to make the domes (another mold!) out of the coffee cream, then freeze till you’re ready to assemble. In the bottom of the mold, you put a layer of peanuts, with a layer of thick caramel sauce poured over them. Then the coffee cream domes are glazed with a coffee/caramel mirror glaze. Those cute little decorations on the top are Phyllo dough, buttered, sugared, and baked into sweet, crunchy, little bites. My husband’s favorite part. I barely had enough to decorate with, since he kept stealing them off the pan ! I really think that chocolate curls or even gold dust would also be very attractive. Here’s how mine turned out……

My execution is still not quite up to snuff. It looks like my cup molds were slightly smaller than they should be for the size of my domes. But the taste far outweighs the problems with this recipe.

One thought on “24th Recipe: Concerto

  1. Yummmmm… my mouth is watering!!!! Looks amazing & however I’m not patient enough to go through all of that.. I would definitely be a taste tester!!!!!

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