25th Recipe: The Ricky Ricardo

Honey, peaches, and pecans–how can you go wrong? Well this recipe was a lot of peoples favorite. Slightly too sweet for my taste, but it was balanced nicely with the peaches. Here’s the pic….

The base was basically a pecan pavlova…a meringue baked so it’s crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Pecans are folded into the meringue before it’s baked. This was my favorite part of the dish. A disc of peach coulee that is mixed with a gelatin is placed on the pecan base, with a honey mousse ( the molded part) topping that. A white chocolate glaze covers the whole thing, and then it’s garnished with fresh peaches. Here is how mine looked….

I guess I didn’t tint my glaze dark enough, since the honey mousse shows through too much. The peach garnish was another story! Here’s how they suggest doing it.

Although I thought my peaches were firm enough (as they suggest) , they obviously were not. Very frustrating. Not being essential to the recipe, I finally decided to ley it go! Somethings are just not meant to be. All in all, not enough WOW factor in proportion to the work for me.

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