26th Recipe: Sunset on the Boulevard

Let me start off by admitting that I changed this recipe. It was a tart made with almond,(gee, the French use a lot of almond!) lavender, and grapefruit. The problem was the grapefruit. It shows my age, but frankly everyone I know is on blood pressure medication, or heart meds; and most of those, (including me), cannot mix them with grapefruit. So. I thought about what I could sub that would have the same color and tartness of a pink grapefruit, and I decided on a Blood Orange. This is what it was supposed to look like….

The pale pink domes are the blood orange(grapefruit) mousse, and the yellow domes are lavender crème brulee. Underneath, is a Almond pastry cream with a layer of ground pistachios, and the whole thing sits in an almond tart crust. Here’s what mine looked like….

Success! I think this one was a confidence booster for me. Although not easy–it wasn’t hard either. It was pretty tasty, and I don’t feel like it lacked anything by switching the grapefruit out for the blood orange. The orange helped to cut the richness of all of that cream, and the nuts added some well needed texture. I think I would make this one again.

2 thoughts on “26th Recipe: Sunset on the Boulevard

  1. This looks & sounds Amazing! Glad that you liked it & might make it again. I’m amazed by your patience & persistence with each of these desserts!

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