28th Recipe: Beer Float

Pretty self-explanatory, uh ? Here’s the pic…..

This is the last recipe in this difficulty group of 2 Macarons. Next one up will be in the harder category of 2 1/2 macarons. I again was not quite sure why this one was labeled with this degree of difficulty, unless maybe they considered the chocolate curls and the caramelized malted barley d├ęcor on top as the difficult part. The coffee ice cream was pretty straight-forward. Easy to make in my little 2 quart electric ice cream maker. The Chocolate Stout beer they called for was a little difficult to find, as was the malted barley for making the brittle. Other than that, not too hard. I am not a beer drinker, but if I were—coffee ice cream definitely helps !!! Mine….

The only Chocolate Stout we could find here was Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout…brewed right here in Wisconsin. It had a real sharpness to it which was offset by the ice cream. Also packed quite a punch !

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