30th Recipe: Bourbon Eclairs

This recipe is pretty self explanatory. Eclairs. With bourbon pastry cream. The only difficulty with this recipe was using the chocolate transfer sheets for the pretty tops. Here is what they should look like…..

You can buy all types of designs. I decided to keep mine close to the original recipe’s design. I do think it would be beautiful at Christmas to do in a white chocolate. The chocolate gets spread on the design side of the acetate transfer sheets…when it gets hard, you should be able to peel off the acetate and you are left with the chocolate with a design on it. After many attempts, I finally figured out that, not just chilling them, but instead, FREEZING them seemed to work best. Then all you needed to do is stick the chocolate piece on the éclair with a line of cherry puree. Here is my attempt at them…..

The chocolate gets it’s curve from laying the pieces over a paper towel tube cut in half while it’s cooling. Pretty, not-to-hard, and tasty.

2 thoughts on “30th Recipe: Bourbon Eclairs

  1. Oh my gosh…. these look like eclairs.. only fancier!!! Would’ve loved to taste these! They look Amazing!!!!

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  2. I didn’t want to eat them looked like they should be put in a glass case and set on a shelf to admire, you do beautiful work Cindy. We enjoyed and savored every bite they were DELICIOUS!


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