31st Recipe: Buche de Noel

This one is a surprise. And not in a good way. This is the first one that I did not let anyone but my husband taste, before I just threw it out. We all know (and normally love), this recipe. At least a version of it. The classic chocolate and crème jelly roll, served at Christmas time, and fashioned to look like a yule log. Here is the picture from the book….

The name of the book is MODERN French Pastry. The throwback vintage decorations seem to reveal the author’s true feelings for this classic. Her chocolate cake had very little sugar, and was dry and tasteless. The vanilla bean pastry cream was too thick and heavy for this recipe. On top of it I struggled with the buttercream frosting, as it is made with a meringue, which is always difficult on humid days. Here is a pic of how it turned out…..

As you can see, my frosting turned out grainy (and way too sweet). I chose to decorate with edible decorations rather than figurines. Had I made this with my own recipe, I feel it could have been successful. I guess the reason I’m doing this though, is to learn to do it the classic French way. I noticed that one of the recipes coming up is titled “Not your Grandmother’s Buche de Noel”. Perhaps her point is to show how far we have come. On a more positive note…I found a great tool to help me with organization, which I desperately need now that the recipes each are averaging 5 pages long.

My sister had bought this portable art easel for me several years ago, and I find it’s perfect for my recipe book, and all little extras…labels, bookmarkers, paperclips, etc.! We now enter a new phase. The next, final 10 recipes, are all in the very highest level of difficulty, so I will need all the organizational help I can get !!!

One thought on “31st Recipe: Buche de Noel

  1. Your dessert still looked fabulous to me!!! I applaud you for all your efforts to make these difficult pastries/ French creations!!! The two that I tasted I absolutely loved!!! I still believe you could do your own book of recipes!

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