32nd Recipe: Lemon Poppy Seed Macarons

Oh! Soooo exciting ! I’ve been waiting to learn to make these ! They are the utterly classic epitome of a good pastry chef. So easy that they’re hard. Only 4 ingredients–powdered sugar, egg whites, sugar, and almond meal; used as a base for so many variations of color and flavor. The classic cookie. Here’s the picture…..

See the little crumbly line at the base of each cookie? That’s called the foot, and every properly done macaron has one. The other defining attribute is the shiny, non-cracked top. Unfortunately, mine had neither the foot, nor the smooth tops. But they tasted fabulous, and since there are 2 more upcoming recipes that call for macarons, I will get a chance to redeem myself. Here are mine…..

Not as good an attempt as I would have liked…but I’ll get there. In this case the macarons are not flavored, just colored yellow. The frosting is the one that packs the lemon punch. These were fun to make and people really enjoyed them. I would recommend these for even the most novice of bakers (like me) !!

One thought on “32nd Recipe: Lemon Poppy Seed Macarons

  1. Aren’t these what I tasted??? They were Awesome & I ate them All👍♥️😍They were really cute!!! Reminded me of little cheeseburgers!!!!! Loved them!!!!!!

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