33rd Recipe: Daddy Mac

Let’s get right to it……

That’s the picture in the book. The top decorations consist of a vanilla bean, a toasted apricot (which is in the filling) and some……??physalis or ground cherries ????? Really? Nothing else looked good to decorate with ?? Not sure at all where THAT came from. The dessert itself consists of 2 giant macrons (hence-Daddy Mac), a pistachio mousse with toasted fresh apricots, surrounded by puffs of white chocolate vanilla cream. Yum ! This one rated as an all-time favorite ! But look closely at those macarons. Do they look green to you? They didn’t to me either. So when the recipe called for adding “green food coloring as desired”, I opted for none. Nix on the ground cherries as well. Here’s mine….

Again, my macarons lack the definitive “foot”, or edge. I obviously still have to perfect that. But I was assured that, in spite of that, it was still one of my more successful desserts. The macarons were still crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Besides, there’s still one recipe left later on that calls for macarons, so I’ll get another chance to redeem myself.

2 thoughts on “33rd Recipe: Daddy Mac

  1. It looks absolutely beautiful and nice to know that there is a voice of reason (and good taste) among the epicurean elite:)


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