34th Recipe: Jerez

The author explains that the name “Jerez” represents a region in Spain that is known for their sherry. Sherry wine has a pretty broad taste spectrum. There are dry, sweet, and nutty varieties. I used a cream sherry; dry and sweet. Here is the picture in the book….

That’s caramelized pine nuts you see, surrounding a caramel glazed, sherry mousse, with two layers of hazelnut dacquoise (meringue),and a layer of cinnamon streusel, with one more layer of dried fruit soaked in sherry. Quite complicated. You make this in a 8 inch circular pan and then cut it into a triangle before glazing it. Here is how mine turned out…..

I opted not to put on the little signs. The reviews for this were mixed. Most people liked the sherry mousse and the pine nuts. Even the streusel. But the dacquoise was difficult to cut through, and the dried fruit(apricots, prunes, candied orange peel) was a bit much. One taster even went so far as to say “perhaps her palette wasn’t sophisticated enough”. I kind of felt that way too. Not so impressed. Now….on a personal note…I visited my doctor this week, and found that I had gained quite a bit of weight, and many points on my cholesterol level since I have started this journey. Even though I give away a majority of what I make, apparently these very rich desserts make a big difference. So. My thought is, to finish the last 7 desserts, and then do what my gut (apparently, literately!) has told me to do all along. I can remake these recipes into much easier, and lighter versions, that will be just as tasty ! The plus side (besides my health!) will also be that I will be more likely to make these desserts again for special occasions if they don’t take so long and cost so much, both monetarily, and in fat content.

2 thoughts on “34th Recipe: Jerez

  1. You did Awesome again!!! Looks wonderful!!!! I’ve gained weight also & don’t have your desserts to blame😳

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  2. Well your version looks identical to the picture – so that part of it is a success. Good for you for realizing that you can make all of these dishes every bit as beautiful and delicious as the original author. And good for you for realizing that you need to do good for your own body. Best of luck for the future recipes and I look forward to your revisions!


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