35th Recipe: The Royale

The difficulty in this recipe lies most with getting them to look as beautiful as the picture in the book. Being slightly artistic in nature…I couldn’t wait to try. And I was so disappointed when I fell short. But on a brighter note…they tasted great, and the attempt was fun anyway. Here’s the pic….

Truly beautiful ! The first problem I had was that I only had 1 mold (containing 6 demispheres) . I improvised for the other 6, (it made 12) by substituting another disc mold. These beauties consist of chocolate mousse resting on a disc of chocolate-hazelnut crunch, which in turn rests on a disc of almond dacquoise (meringue, remember?). All of this is covered in a chocolate glaze, with hazelnut frosting piped around it. Here are mine….

As you can see, my dacquoise discs turned out too big. I felt it was too dangerous to try to cut them. They probably would have been destroyed, and I would have had to remake them. Quite frankly, now that we are in the topmost difficulty level, and the recipes take so much time and effort; you may be seeing more of my original flaws, since it is more daunting to think about remaking things !

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