36th Recipe: Chocolate Pandemonium

This recipe was all about the Chocolate !!! There was chocolate meringue straws, layers of chocolate ganache, and a trio of chocolate mousse…white, milk and dark chocolate. Here’s the picture….

Another special mold was needed for this. Since the recipe made enough for two of these, I chose not to buy 2 molds, but instead, used the extra components in smaller molds that I already had. Here’s how mine looked.


I think it turned out pretty good. Their recipe called for airbrushing the final dessert with a chocolate spray. I didn’t want to invest in a food airbrush, so I chose to try sifting cocoa powder over the final dessert. I really think it looks fairly comparable. And it must not have lacked in taste, because most of my tasting testers claimed it was their favorite! But then…who doesn’t like chocolate???? The chocolate “nest” was fun to make. It was simply a chocolate meringue that was piped in long lines onto cookie sheets, baked, and then broken into pieces ! The chocolate ganache base was very much the consistency of fudge. Then, the dome was poured into layers of the 3 different chocolates. She points out that if the melted chocolate and the cooler whipped cream are not mixed at exactly the right temperature, the chocolate will harden too fast and leave a granular effect in the mousse, instead of being nice and smooth. Well, I did good on 2 out of 3. The white chocolate layer had small grains of pure white chocolate in it. Again, it seemed not to affect the taste. But the texture was not as silky as the other 2 layers. All in all, definitely learned some tricks with this one !!!

One thought on “36th Recipe: Chocolate Pandemonium

  1. Oh my gosh!! Yours is perfect.. I can almost taste the chocolate 🍫 Phenomenal job♥️

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