38th Recipe: Bye, Bye Pumpkin Pie

This recipe was a new take on an old classic. Pumpkin pie. The bottom “crust” had a chocolate almond cake, and the side “crust” was an almond cake with pepitas embedded in it. Then there was a layer of caramel, topped with a layer of spiced pecans. The main body of the “pie?” was a pumpkin bavarois ,which is a Frenchy way of saying mousse. On the very top was an apricot glaze, and it was decorated with macarons. Yipee! My third chance to get them right. (And I DID !!) Here’s the version from the book…..

See how the macarons are shiny with that little rim at the bottom (called the “foot”) ? Well…mine finally got there. Here’s my picture….

Alright…so my glaze with the gold dust doesn’t look so perfect, and my almond cake maybe a little overdone, and a little of the caramel might be seeping out of the bottom; but I STILL feel like a proud parent!!! The spiced pecans were made with garam masala, and if you are familiar at all with those spices, you know there are a thousand and one blends of spices called “Garam Masala”. I picked a recipe that sounded good to me and I blended my own. And it turned out great. I put a bowl of extra nuts on the counter that night, and my husband couldn’t stop eating them. The flecks in the macarons are because I didn’t use a blanched almond flour. Using an unblenched of course, leaves a more natural coloring. They still turned out great, didn’t they ????

I can’t believe we have only three recipes left ! Since they are the most difficult in the book…I hope they all go this well.

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