40th Recipe: Not Your Grandmother’s Buche de Noel

The traditional Buche de Noel is made to represent a log…remember ? (Recipe # 31) . This one is meant to bring it into the 21st century. This Christmas dessert is a mousse rather than a jelly roll cake. Here’s the picture from the book….

Gorgeous, uh ? There’s a thin chocolate cake on the bottom, a Chocolate Mousse as the filling, and see that dark center with the white cloud above it? That’s a row of brandied cherries , with a piped cloud of cannoli (ricotta cheese) with cinnamon, orange, and chocolate chip in it. Very Christmas-type flavors. The glaze is dark chocolate, with pistachio decorations. Before I show you my picture…let’s discuss the problems. AGAIN….another mold. She suggests cutting a shipping tube in half, and closing off the ends. Done. Not a problem. The decorative balls on top are to be made from different colors of cocoa butter (and just where do you find that?) and luster dust. We must have had different gold luster dusts, because mine just left a grainy finish. Here’s how mine turned out….

The glaze did not want to stick to the mousse. Perhaps I had it too warm, since it seemed to want to melt the underlying mousse. I finally ended up using some gold balls as decoration, since I couldn’t seem to get the colored ones to look right. Very difficult, but very tasty. There seems to be a trend here….all the recipes seem to taste great. It’s just a matter of getting them to look spectacular ! Next week, as my final recipe, I will tackle the most difficult recipe in the book. The one on the cover. I’ve been anticipating this one for a long time !

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