1st Adaptation: Nougatine

Sorry it’s been so long guys….hope there’s still some of you hangin’ with me ! We are showing our home to prospective buyers these days, and that means a CLEAN kitchen ! And writing this blog is anything but a clean endeavor !

In the first recipe I decided to tackle , The challenge was to make the hard candy easier. To refresh your memories here’s a picture of how they looked in the book, followed by the picture of how mine turned out.

Back then, the recipe called for cooking and stirring the sugar until just the right hue and temperature .So to make this easier…I found a recipe for peanut brittle made in the microwave. I adapted this by not adding the baking soda at the end..which makes the candy foam up and have that light texture that peanut brittle has. I of course substituted the toasted almonds for the peanuts, and to Christmas-fy it…..decorated it with white chocolate ! They turned out beautifully, and only took about 1/2 hour to make. Success ! Here they are….

Actually…I think the color is more appealing…and they taste great .The internet is full of these recipes , generally titled ” 10 minute microwave brittle”. Definitely recommend trying this for a quick and simple candy !

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