2nd Adaptation: Blue Cheese Truffles

Again.. Blue cheese is not my friend. But if my husband had his way, he would make it a relative if he could ! So as a nod to those who loved these treats…(and want them again for Christmas), I redid this recipe to make it easier and prettier. Remember the way they looked? ….

Now the new (and improved) version….

Pretty enough for Christmas ! Instead of the recipe, which called for a lot of chocolate and cream and butter, with an exorbitant amount of stirring and temperature taking……I opted for a recipe that I know is easy-peasy and no-fail! And it makes great fudge to boot ! You simply take 1 pkg of white chocolate chips, melted in the microwave, and mix it with 1 can of vanilla frosting. In this case add a small container of Blue Cheese Crumbles while still warm so that they partially melt but still have some chunks. Then cover them with a coat of white chocolate and some sprinkles. Voila ! Soooo much easier ! My husband took them to work and they got rave reviews! Very creamy. You can actually use any flavor of chocolate, and any flavor frosting mix. It works every time.

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