NEW BOOK ! French Pastry 101

Well guys….it’s been awhile, but I’m back. And I found a whole new project to teach me this insane art of French Pastry ! I swear sometimes I think I am a glutton for punishment. But then I stop and realize how much I need this. Between the old age, and the pandemic, and all the turmoil around me…..baking is saving me. It’s controlled (sometimes), precise, disciplined, and oh so rewarding. So here’s the new recipe book….

Unlike the last book…MODERN French pastry… this book isn’t all about the presentation. No fancy molds, no mirror glazes, no 5 hour techniques. These recipes concentrate on taste. The classic recipes that every pastry chef should learn. I feel like I kind of did things backward…but hopefully I will have a leg up on these more basic recipes. Since this book’s recipes are not graded by difficulty, but instead are grouped by categories such as cookies, cakes, tarts, etc…..I will try to mix them up for varieties sake. So we get what we get as far as difficulty ! So join me in my journey…My first recipe is Tarte Aux Pommes, and I will be reviewing it on Monday.

2 thoughts on “NEW BOOK ! French Pastry 101

  1. I am so happy for you Cindy!!! This is exciting news!!! Go for it! You are so wonderful at baking & enjoy it so much!! And maybe we will get to taste your creations!♥️

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  2. Being the artist that you are I’m sure they will look as good as they taste. Everything in the Christmas gift you gave us was amazingly good, the best part of our meals for about a month, was exciting trying something new for desert every night. Thank you so much.


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