“Tarte Aux Pommes” is just a fancy way of saying “apple tart”. In fact, in a by-line the recipe states that you can make a free form tart by simply omitting the tart pan. The recipe starts with “Pate Brisee”……the crust. It’s similar to a regular pie crust but with 2 whole sticks of butter. Since the recipe for the crust made so much…..I made both the tart and the free form tart. Here is the picture from the book….

After making the crust , you just arrange apple slices that you have soaked in fresh lemon juice, dot it with 3 tablespoons of butter, and sprinkle with half a cup of sugar. after baking, you brush the tart with strained and heated Apricot Preserves. Pretty simple. Here’s how mine turned out…..


Pretty simple ! And mighty tasty. I took the tart to Sunday dinner at my sisters, and with some vanilla ice cream, it was a major hit! Surprisingly rich, which I think is due to the VERY buttery crust. I would definitely make again.

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