A Clafoutis is basically a custard baked with fruit. The “classic” Clafoutis is normally made with cherries, but this recipe called for plums and raspberries. Here is the pic from the book….

Looks delicious doesn’t it? Unfortunately….mine wasn’t. It wasn’t that it was bad. Just not as good as I had hoped. Especially since I made it for our Valentine’s day dinner. The meal was so rich and heavy, I thought a nice light dessert would be the finishing touch. Here’s how mine turned out…

Still looks good, eh? Well the problem was partly the plums. It’s hard this time of year to get really ripe plums around here, and although I thought they were ripe enough…..they were a little tough. The second problem I had involved timing. Even though I had set Alexa for the 50 minutes it took to bake, we had a cable technician ( YES…on Valentine’s Day! ) who interrupted our service, and without knowing it I lost the timer, so I had to guess at the time. The result was a firmer custard. It should be soft and silky. It’s a very easy recipe, calling only for your fruit , milk, eggs, butter, and vanilla. I will make it again, but not with plums …and I would err on the side of under-done.


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