Bostock is a twice-baked pastry. And it’s Fabulous !!! You start with day old Brioche slices….which, of course, I just happen to have, and which, I would even go out and buy just to make this recipe. You soak the slices in a simple syrup made with orange peel boiled with sugar. Then you spread the slices with frangipane….a sort of filling paste made of butter, almond flour, and powdered sugar. Sprinkle with sliced almonds , bake, and sift powdered sugar on top. Yum. Here’s how the book showed it….

Here’s how mine turned out….

All I can say is…B-I-G Hit !!!!! The orange syrup on the bread gets crispy on the edges, and the flavor helps cut into the sweetness of the almost cookie like almond topping. Again. Yum.

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