This recipe is a French Classic. It consists of three components. “Pate Sucree” , which is a rich cookie-like tart crust….”Almond frangipane”, a buttery almond pastry cream…and sliced pears on top with an apricot jelly glaze. Here’s how it should look…

This is not my favorite dessert. And the thing is…I love pears. I mean I really do…they’re my second favorite fruit. The first being mango. Hmmm…Frangipane Mango Tart ??? It seems to me that the almond filling kind of “takes over” the pears. My husband Loved it though. I thought it a little sugary sweet. Here’s how mine looked…

Very pretty ,I thought.. although I couldn’t fit a 5 petaled flower of pears…my pears were too large. Quite heavy also…they seemed to sink into the filling a bit. All in all…a success, and pretty easy to make. I would try a stronger flavor profile next time. Maybe banana with a caramel glaze. or strawberry with a lime basil glaze. Endless possibilities.


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