Happy Easter everyone ! Well this was an easy decision this week . Could a recipe be more perfect for Easter? I have made many quiches in my kitchen, but when I saw this traditional recipe in the book…..,I couldn’t resist. Let’s go right to the picture……

As per the French….this recipe is ALL calories, LOL ! Calling for 2 whole cups of whipping cream, a whole pound of bacon,5 eggs, and a cup of Gruyere cheese, it packs a wallop ! To my amazement , other than salt and pepper, the only other seasoning was nutmeg. Nutmeg. I was also surprised to find that it DIDN’T call for white wine. I was under the mistaken belief that all French quiche recipes called for white wine. (Perhaps that was just me finding an excuse to use it !) Anyway…here’s how mine turned out…..

The nutmeg was not overtly present, although it must have added to the overall flavor. This was my first time cooking with Gruyere cheese, and although I do not like the taste of it plain, I was pleasantly surprised with the taste when cooked into this perfect little pie. Maybe not so perfect….you can see where I put my thumb through the crust taking it out of the oven, but I was happy with it overall. And of course, all that fat made it delicious this morning for breakfast!

One thought on “QUICHE LORRAINE

  1. Oh my gosh.. my mouth is watering just listening to your description!!! It looks divine!!!

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