This pastry, (tart, cake, bread, whaaaat?) is not easy to describe so I will start with the picture……

Pretty ! Having company for lunch….I wanted to make something that was visually pretty, but bland after spicy food. I picked this because it was basically bread with vanilla pastry cream. The main body is a round loaf of brioche bread, split into layers, with “creme patissiere” piped into the center. Creme Patissiere is a fancy name for pastry cream, which in truth, is just a rich and thick homemade pudding. You can flavor the cream with vanilla, orange, kirsch, or just about anything really. I used vanilla bean. The white globules you see on the top is a sprinkling of crunchy “pearl sugar” which you can buy rather inexpensively on the internet. Here’s how mine turned out….

My bake was a little dark on the bread, which perhaps made the brioche slightly drier than it should be, but all-in-all, it was enjoyed. The bread being brioche meant it was rich and sweet, which helped the illusion that this was a more cake-like dessert, rather than just a loaf of bread with sweet cream filling. Served with whipped cream, it was sweet enough for dessert, without being overly rich and sweet, and leaving you with that “too much” feeling.

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