“Chausson aux pommes” pretty much means “apple pastry”. So very much like a small apple turnover….yet prettier. This recipe calls for granny smith apples cooked with cinnamon, brown sugar, and a touch of spiced rum. Yum !!! Here’s how they are supposed to look…..

Just gorgeous little gems, aren’t they ? You start with traditional French Puff Pastry, and since the book said I could…..I cheated this time and used Frozen Puff Pastry ! (I don’t think the recipe suffered…no one seemed to notice the difference.) You fill the ovals, fold them, score them and brush them with an egg wash to make them shine. Here’s mine….

My edges were not quite as clean, and as you can see, some of my scoring went too deep, and then the apple filling started to show through. But so easy and fun to make ! I liked the homemade filling, but I can’t see why you couldn’t really make them easy , and use a canned pie filling….(oh the horror…these are supposed to be French Pastries!)

2 thoughts on “CHAUSSON AUX POMMES

  1. Looks great I’m sure they are tasty also. The treats you sent last didn’t make it to Bonnie’s kept forgetting to take them’ they were so good.


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