I’m sure everyone has heard of a Tarte Tatin….especially with all the many cooking shows and competitions on TV. But for those that have not…..this is a very classic and basic French pastry. It is essentially an upside-down cake made with Puff pastry instead of cake. Which of course makes it easy as pie. Pun intended. Here’s the picture from the book…..

Here, it is made with Granny Smith apples, but I have seen it made with pears, or peaches, or really any fruit. The same technique is used as in a upside-down cake. The caramel is poured into the pan; the apples are arranged in the caramel, and then the puff pastry is laid over all. Once baked, it’s flipped upside-down, and voila! Here’s how mine turned out…..

As usual, mine is not as pretty ! I seemed to have less apples and more caramel. Which, taste-wise I am not sure I am sorry about. This is such an easy and tasty dessert to make if someone is coming and you need a dessert FAST. The soft, gooey topping is a perfect mate to the somewhat dry, flaky puff pastry crust. A little whipped cream, and everyone will thank you.

One thought on “TARTE TATIN

  1. Oh my gosh Cindy.. I could eat that whole dessert right now! Love apples with caramel & yours is Beautiful ♥️

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