“Sandwich cookie” should give you all the clues you need here. This was one of my favorite recipes yet! And finally…..a recipe where mine turned out every bit as pretty as the book. At least I think so. Here’s the book……

Very pretty. The cookies are a French Sable’. Basically a butter cookie. These are loaded with ground Pistachios. Everyone who tasted these asked me to make them again at Christmas, and I do believe they would be a welcome addition. Here’s how mine turned out…..

Mine are stunning if I don’t say so myself! The cookies are crisp, and after a day or so, they softened just slightly from the raspberry jam, and they were even better !


  1. Magnificent!!!! 😋 Yummmmm!!! You are so Amazing Cindy! You know I just moved.. bought my sister out of Dads house. Remodeling some & I happen to have one of my stepping garden stones out by the house. The other one fell apart.. sad 😞. I have my flower press here… bench with the suns😍& my easel!!! You are so creative!!! Love all you do♥️♥️♥️♥️

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