Gougeres are little cheese puffs made with pate aux choux pastry. I love anything that’s made with “Choux”. It’s so easy to make and so versatile …..from cream puffs to eclairs to churros! And now….cheese puffs !!! Crispy exteriors, and chewy cheesy centers. Here’s how the book shows them…..

My favorite Pate Aux Choux recipe is 1 stick butter, 1cup water, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tsp salt, brought to a boil, then 1 cup flour dumped in, heated for 1 minute until it balls up, and then beaten with 4 eggs until it’s shiny . So easy….and then piped into any shape. This is the first time I’ve tried flavoring my choux pastry….usually the flavor is in the filling. These are made with Gruyere cheese. Lots of Gruyere. Although I liked the Gruyere in the quiche I made a few weeks ago…I was not crazy about it in these. VERY cheesy. Reminiscent of gold fish crackers. Here’s how mine looked…..

Just a sprinkle of extra cheese on them with a shake of paprika, and they’re crispy little balls of cheese.

One thought on “GOUGERES

  1. Oh My God! I’ve just gained 10 pounds hearing your description!!! They sound amazing Cindy!!!!

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