These are a French butter cookie. Sable means “sandy” and Breton is the Britany region of France. The recipe is fairly easy, with the heavy hitter being (of course) the butter and eggs. Sable Breton is a very plain and classic cookie with a traditional crisscross pattern. The spiced pecan sables, take this low-key cookie to a whole new level ! Flavored with lots of ground pecans, bourbon, cinnamon, and nutmeg, these are the ultimate cookie for holidays ! Here’s the pics from the recipe book…..

There were odd discrepancies between the two recipes, such as an unusually large amount of baking powder in one recipe and none in the other. But, in spite of second guessing myself, I just followed the recipes to the letter….and they turned out great ! Big hit ! Here’s how they looked….

Of course everybody’s favorite was the spiced sables…but the classic sable breton left you with that “comfort cookie” feeling. Each cookie is brushed with an egg wash before baking to give them that shiny, crisp look. There are lots of variations out there, ground almonds being the most common. But have fun with these…hazelnut, chocolate, walnut….the flavor combinations are endless.


  1. Again… these look so delicious! I’m always salivating after reading & seeing your creations!!!!You sure are creative!!!! Thank you Cindy♥️

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