Let’s talk Tuiles. The Tuiles’ classic shape is sort of the shape of a potato chip. They are traditionally draped over your rolling pin moments after being taken from the oven. Then they set up into these delicate, crispy little wafers. Adaptations of the classic, include draping over muffin tins or bowls before they set up, making dessert cups or ice cream bowls. This is how the book showed them…..

The batter is quite runny with lots of slivered almonds in it, and you just drop tablespoons of it on the cookie sheets. You can see the little bubble marks that remind me of pancakes. Another low ingredient, easy to whip up cookie that uses LOTS of butter, eggs, and vanilla. Throw in the cream, and we have…… FRENCH! Here’s how mine looked….

Some were crisper than others…you can tell by the browning. I personally preferred the “bendy ones” ….those that had just a little give. All in all…I think I would try these again at the holidays with dried cranberries and pistachios.


  1. Yummmmm…. I love almonds & I can just taste these as you describe them!! Perfecto again!!!!

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