Flan Patissier is also called Parisian Flan. If any of you have ever spent any time in Mexico… you have probably had Flan. It’s a custard with a caramel sauce-type glaze. This is NOT that. This is more like a custard pie. This is what it should look like……

Almost looks like a cheesecake. The recipe isn’t that hard….A pastry crust (think pie crust) and a thick pudding-like vanilla custard, that is baked and then broiled to give it that traditional burnt film, which is then brushed with a glaze of apricot jelly to give it a shine. Here’s how mine turned out…..

Very creamy. Very calorie dense. Of course….it’s French. Again….lot’s of cream . Lot’s of eggs and sugar and vanilla. But oh so good! And the toasting on top is like the crust on bread…wouldn’t be the same without it and it’s where a lot of the flavor is. Truthfully, it needs fresh fruit or a sauce to enhance it. It’s like vanilla ice cream…it’s great as is, but way better paired with something.

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