No need to explain this one….it speaks for itself! Everyone knows what chocolate ganache is…so now put that into a tart shell! So rich, it is simply the silky inside of a chocolate truffle! This recipe is SO easy; combining both milk and dark chocolate with butter, heavy cream and honey. Here is the picture from the recipe book…..

It is decorated with raw cocoa nibs and gold flakes, but almost any decoration will work that doesn’t detract from the ganache. (Think cocoa powder or gold dust, or any number of the newer gold sprinkles, or even powdered sugar!) Here’s how mine looked…..

I decided on curls, even though I did have the nibs. I just wasn’t sure about adding the crunch that nibs add, especially when the filling is so creamy decadent. No one complained that it was one-note, so I don’t have any regrets. The recipe suggests using Couverture chocolate because it has a higher cocoa butter content, and I must agree, it melts on your tongue….but I really think using any Good chocolate will give you great results also !


  1. Your tart looks better than the book!! This sounds soooo yummy!!! I said it & will say it again… Cindy.. You need to write your own cookbook! A lot of us have never heard of half the ingredients that you use… I would buy your book♥️

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