Today I’m going rogue ! Off the beaten path. I’m not using anyone else’s recipe….just me. My lovely sister saw these cake pans on sale, bought them for me, stating, ” I thought you maybe could use these for one of your desserts”. So of course, my first cake out of them had to be for her and her husband ! And they LOVE peanut butter. So I just had to do a peanut butter and jelly cake. These are the pans she brought me….

I looked at many peanut butter cake recipes, and after much deliberation…..decided to go with …..a cake mix. I know, I know. Not very chef-fy. But in my defense, I WAS going to change it. So I took a good quality butter cake mix, cut the butter quantity in half, (I didn’t want it too dense) and added about 2/3 of a cup of chunky peanut butter. Add strawberry preserves as a filling between the layers, make a peanut butter frosting and Voila! Here’s how it looked….

Honestly, I even cheated on the frosting . I started with a plain can of cream cheese frosting, added creamy peanut butter, and a slight bit of powdered sugar to stiffen it back up after adding the peanut butter. Such a very little work for what I think is an attractive dessert. The pans are a hit, and if I am in a pinch for time, I would definitely go this route again.

One thought on “PB&J 4 LAYER CAKE

  1. Oh my gosh! That cake is beautiful & sounds great too! See.. you can really put together your own recipe book! I would buy it fir sure! You are so creative & talented.. you inspire me!!!

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