A Clafoutis is basically a custard baked with fruit. The “classic” Clafoutis is normally made with cherries, but this recipe called for plums and raspberries. Here is the pic from the book…. Looks delicious doesn’t it? Unfortunately….mine wasn’t. It wasn’t that it was bad. Just not as good as I had hoped. Especially since IContinue reading “PLUM RASPBERRY CLAFOUTIS”

4th Adaptation: Earl grey Napoleons

Remember these ? They were one of the first recipes I tried. There was whipped ganache infused with tea, chocolate almond tart dough and candied orange peel. Not terribly difficult, but who really has that kind of time? These were fun to remake because I really made them easy and my hubby LOVED them. First….skipContinue reading “4th Adaptation: Earl grey Napoleons”