12th Recipe: Baker’s Dozen

Whew! What a lot of work these were for very little taste! Here’s the pic of them…. Cute, huh? The first thing you’ll notice are the egg shells they are served in. That means buying an egg decapitator. Honestly…who has one of these??? This is what it looks like— Then you need to practice. ALOT.Continue reading “12th Recipe: Baker’s Dozen”

11th Recipe: When life gives you lemons…

This recipe had 4 different elements. The shortbread-like tart crust, the lemon curd, the raspberry gelee and the lemon mousse. 5 if you count the candied lemon peel. Although each component was relatively easy, the shear amount of time put in was enough that I would have rated it more difficult. Here is the pic….Continue reading “11th Recipe: When life gives you lemons…”

9th Recipe: “I pity the fool….”

They have such creative names for the recipes in this book! I’m assuming the rest of that line would be ..” who never tasted homemade Nutella.” This is how it looks in the book…. The bottom layer is a homemade chocolate-hazelnut ganache. This time the caramel syrup did add something to the recipe.(referring to theContinue reading “9th Recipe: “I pity the fool….””

8th Recipe: Blue Cheese Truffles

Again…I am not a fan of Blue cheese. That being said, other non-fans who tried these; enjoyed them. The taste was mild. Reminiscence of cream cheese. Although people enjoyed these, and they were not terribly hard to make….I would NOT make this recipe again. I would make Blue cheese truffles-just not this recipe. I haveContinue reading “8th Recipe: Blue Cheese Truffles”

7th Recipe: Chocolate & Churros, Frenchie Style !

Apparently, the Spaniards eat this after a late night of drinking! Their version has the chocolate sauce thickened with cornstarch, like a pudding. The author has “Frenchified” it by making it a “Chocolat Chaud”, which is more like a chocolate ganache. Yum! Looks like this in the book….. I also made a change to theContinue reading “7th Recipe: Chocolate & Churros, Frenchie Style !”