26th Recipe: Sunset on the Boulevard

Let me start off by admitting that I changed this recipe. It was a tart made with almond,(gee, the French use a lot of almond!) lavender, and grapefruit. The problem was the grapefruit. It shows my age, but frankly everyone I know is on blood pressure medication, or heart meds; and most of those, (includingContinue reading “26th Recipe: Sunset on the Boulevard”

25th Recipe: The Ricky Ricardo

Honey, peaches, and pecans–how can you go wrong? Well this recipe was a lot of peoples favorite. Slightly too sweet for my taste, but it was balanced nicely with the peaches. Here’s the pic…. The base was basically a pecan pavlova…a meringue baked so it’s crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. PecansContinue reading “25th Recipe: The Ricky Ricardo”

21st Recipe: Cherry Bomb

I was so excited to make this recipe…I had always wanted to do a “mirror glaze”, and this made this cake visually stunning. The balls are chocolate covered with edible gold leaf. The author suggests floating the gold leaf on water, then plunging the chocolate ball into it and underwater. Easier said than done. JustContinue reading “21st Recipe: Cherry Bomb”

19th Recipe: Chocolate Nougatine

This recipe deserves the picture first…. Right? So easy looking, so tasty looking! And here’s the kicker….they ARE !! I’m not quite sure why they were ranked so high in difficulty, but I was grateful for something that took so little time and was so good. Literally 4 ingredients. The brittle, which is made upContinue reading “19th Recipe: Chocolate Nougatine”