2nd recipe: Crème Brulee Cookies

This recipe involves making a sweet pie crust or tart crust basically; called a “pate sucree” and topping it with a dome of crème brulee. after another trip to the liquor store, (the brulee calls for a touch of Grand Marnier), I made them with surprising ease, considering the visual impact they make. Here isContinue reading “2nd recipe: Crème Brulee Cookies”

1st recipe: “get the door. Pedro’s here.”

This recipe is named after “Pedro Ximenez” sherry poured over a blue cheese and dark choclate ice cream. This is the picture from the book: Well, Pedro couldn’t make it. My first problem was finding the sherry. So I subbed a good sweet sherry.The blue cheese type was not specified, so I left that upContinue reading “1st recipe: “get the door. Pedro’s here.””