4th Recipe: Earl Grey Napoleons

First off, I apologize for the delay! No-it wasn’t the difficulty of the Napoleons. Just the difficulty of writing about pastries when you have the flu! But bear with me, and I’m sure my zest will return! Here is the picture in the book…… These Napoleons consist of an almond/chocolate pastry crust paired with anContinue reading “4th Recipe: Earl Grey Napoleons”

3rd Recipe: Raspberry Almond Tea Cakes

Now these little gems…..really are something wonderful ! Sooooo easy to make , and a real explosion of taste. There is very little flour in this recipe, and a lot of ground almonds. Which makes for a beautifully heavy almond presence, which pairs so well with the brightness of the fresh raspberry. Besides the raspberryContinue reading “3rd Recipe: Raspberry Almond Tea Cakes”

2nd recipe: Crème Brulee Cookies

This recipe involves making a sweet pie crust or tart crust basically; called a “pate sucree” and topping it with a dome of crème brulee. after another trip to the liquor store, (the brulee calls for a touch of Grand Marnier), I made them with surprising ease, considering the visual impact they make. Here isContinue reading “2nd recipe: Crème Brulee Cookies”

1st recipe: “get the door. Pedro’s here.”

This recipe is named after “Pedro Ximenez” sherry poured over a blue cheese and dark choclate ice cream. This is the picture from the book: Well, Pedro couldn’t make it. My first problem was finding the sherry. So I subbed a good sweet sherry.The blue cheese type was not specified, so I left that upContinue reading “1st recipe: “get the door. Pedro’s here.””