19th Recipe: Chocolate Nougatine

This recipe deserves the picture first…. Right? So easy looking, so tasty looking! And here’s the kicker….they ARE !! I’m not quite sure why they were ranked so high in difficulty, but I was grateful for something that took so little time and was so good. Literally 4 ingredients. The brittle, which is made upContinue reading “19th Recipe: Chocolate Nougatine”

12th Recipe: Baker’s Dozen

Whew! What a lot of work these were for very little taste! Here’s the pic of them…. Cute, huh? The first thing you’ll notice are the egg shells they are served in. That means buying an egg decapitator. Honestly…who has one of these??? This is what it looks like— Then you need to practice. ALOT.Continue reading “12th Recipe: Baker’s Dozen”

11th Recipe: When life gives you lemons…

This recipe had 4 different elements. The shortbread-like tart crust, the lemon curd, the raspberry gelee and the lemon mousse. 5 if you count the candied lemon peel. Although each component was relatively easy, the shear amount of time put in was enough that I would have rated it more difficult. Here is the pic….Continue reading “11th Recipe: When life gives you lemons…”